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Here at Allpro Pest Services we have years of expertise and use the most effective industry-leading treatment methods to eliminate all life-cycles of bed bugs to rid your home, business, apartment complex, or retirement community of bed bugs.

Our specially trained, licensed technicians can inspect, identify, and recommend the best treatment option for your property.

There are many benefits to our Thermal Remediation treatment (vs. a conventional chemical treatment):

-Faster results.

-Less preparation for the owner/tenant.


-You have the option to keep your furniture/belongings.

-Perfect for families/tenants that have no tolerance to odors or pesticides.


Our heat treatments do not harm your furniture/belongings (however, there are some items, such as candles, that should be placed in the fridge.) 

An Allpro Technician will remain on the property at all times to constantly monitor the temperatures of the treated area.

Our services are 100% guaranteed!

Bed Bugs